Delhi Heights

Delhi Heights is one of the newer Restaurants on the Colliers Wood scene. The location has had many guises in recent years most of which have been really quite unsuccessful (Baobab, Royal 6 Bells and something else in between) but Delhi Heights has taken it in a new direction replacing the usual pubs with a North Indian Restaurant and it seems to be succeeding. I visited the establishment on a very quiet Monday evening and thus the atmosphere wasn’t all that electric but I expect that is not the case on the Weekends when they serve their All you can eat buffets. My order started with the traditional poppadoms and then I moved onto a dish called Saag Gosht which was a dish which used lamb and spinach as its basis. It was very flavourful but it lacked any spicyness which I do like. Now I knew when ordering that it wouldn’t be spicy but then there was nothing on the menu that catered for that market which I found very unusual for an Indian restaurant.

Delhi Heights boasts more than just food, it also has a comprehensive range of Cocktails and other drinks and also has an outside area for people to smoke a Shisha (flavoured tobacco) pipe if that is your thing. I didn’t partake in either on my visit and stuck to a nice Indian lager. This though, like the food was definitely a touch on the expensive side. As previously mentioned, there is a buffet option on the weekend and then the value is entirely up to your stomach capacity but for a normal dish I paid £25 for just a main dish with rice, a naan bread and one pint of beer.

The food was tasty even if the menu was a little sparse, there are many facilities including a UV toilet which makes you feel like you are on the set of a horror film but for me the price is a little too much for the experience that I had. 3/5

Delhi Heights can be found at 222 High Street Colliers Wood and is open 7 days a week 12noon – 3pm and then 5.30 – 11pm.


One thought on “Delhi Heights

  1. I’ve visited on just the one occasion, found the menu a bit sparse, but the service was great and they cooked my meal based on the info I gave them, totally off the menu. The food was great, a bit expensive and very strange toilets but I would reccomend the food, if you don’y see it on the menu ask and they will cook what you like. 3/5

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