Andrew’s Gents Hairdressing

Andrew’s is a relatively new business in Colliers Wood and one that I had never entered before this visit. My hair was too long and I needed some new material for this blog so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Barbers/Hairdressers are never places that I particularly enjoy visiting due to the forced small talk and fear of a bad cut but on first impression Andrew’s appeared very clean and welcoming with a good selection of that days newspapers to peruse whilst waiting to be seated.

I was seen to very promptly despite going at what I thought would be quite a busy time and luckily for me there was minimal small talk made, now clearly this isn’t what everybody desires as the guy getting his hair cut next to me was chatting away with the guy cutting his hair so it does appear to cater for both tastes. Now for the real importance for going to a hairdressers, the cut, as a guy with longer hair it was clear to me that the barber was more used to the short back and sides style of cutting and my hair did become a lot shorter than I had intended BUT it was nevertheless a good cut.

For a wash and cut I paid £11 (plus tip) which is the kind of price I think you would expect to pay at most high street barber shops. My overall experience was a good one but not the best I’ve had whilst getting a haircut, there was no radio or TV volume and so for the small talk avoider there isn’t much to keep you interested but for the short haired men out there I would recommend it for a good, basic hair cut. 3/5

Andrew’s Gents Hairdressing can be found at 97 High Street Colliers Wood and is open 9-6.30 Monday through Saturday and 9-5.30 Sundays (although the window and advertising board say two different things so be careful if you are going towards the end of the day)


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